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Fish lake points in late fall

There are a few fall fishing patterns that you can fish year after year. Some will work most of the time, but there is one that seems to work just about every time — that is to fish in and around main lake points in the fall.

A point like this has everything that a fish needs at this time of year like deep and shallow water close by, some form of shallow and deeper water cover of some type. If a channel hugs the bank close to the point, it makes it even better. Fish will use these channels like a underwater highway to move from one area of the lake to another.

During the late fall/early winter period, bait fish will school and hold around the deep side of a main lake point. Game fish like bass, crappie, walleye and musky will follow and feed off these bait fish schools.

Most of these fish will be fairly active during this time of year and can be caught using several diff erent presentations. Right now a lot of anglers are working top water and popper type baits over the edge where the flat drops off into deeper water. Also, one of the best ways to fish a point type area right now is to fish a crank bait. Most anglers prefer a medium deep running crank bait. These will run in the 6- to 12-foot depth and can catch a bass on every cast in the right conditions.

Bass are feeding on bait fish schools and looking for weak and injured fish around the schools. This is exactly what the crank bait resembles when it is retrieved with a few jerks and twitches. Try a crank bait with a shad color pattern.

You also can fish a spinner bait in the same areas with a stopand go retrieve. When you stop the retrieve, the bait will stop and flutter down like a dying shad. This will draw a hard strike from a feeding bass.

If bass are less active and will not chase a moving bait, then slow down and fish a bait like a jig or a tube bait . Try to fish these baits in high percentage areas that have cover or deep water close by. When fish become less active or spooked, they will move and hold close to cover like wood or brush piles or rock piles or will move down the deep side of the point into deeper water . When bass are in this negative feeding mood, you must slow way down and fish slow-moving baits close to the cover.

As you can see by all this, a good main lake has everything you need to do some good fall fishing.

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