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Gabby’s fishing fever

Warm weather improves fishing

As the weather warms and air and water temperatures rise and weather patterns stabilize, the fishing action will start to improve.

Fish like bass and crappie will become active early in the season in the right conditions. This includes things like rising water temperatures in shallow water areas that have deeper water close by, bait fish holding close by and some type of good cover. If you can find an area or spot that offers all this, then you have a very good place to start your fishing.

As long as the weather continues to be warm and the temperatures are stable, fish will move and feed some. But if a cold front comes through, it will shut everything down till the weather turns good again.

Try to plan your trips by the longterm weather forecasts to try to fish during the best warmest weather. Look for banks that receive the most sunlight the longest during the day. These banks will be the warmest and will have the most action. These warmer banks will draw bait fish and game fish like crappie and bass will follow.

If you are fishing for crappie, look for this type of area with some type of wood cover like brush piles, stumps or standing flooded timber. Fish in the six- to 12-foot depth range.

Baits like minnows and small, colored tube jigs will work well on active crappie. Work the bait slowly up and down and change depths or areas if you have little or no action.

If you’re largemouth bass fishing, look for these same sunny banks with cover and deeper water close by like a creek channel or drop off. This makes any area much more appealing to a bass. Slowly fish these areas with a slowmoving bait like a jig and pig or a dark colored tube bait. Work these baits slowly and feel the line and rod for any pull or a dead weight feel and set the hook.

All these things can lead to a good day off fishing and help start your fishing season off right.

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