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Gabby’s fishing fever

Finding late-winter bass

It is the time of year when many fishermen want to get out and go fishing. The chill in the air of a few weeks ago with wind chills below freezing have been replaced with mild to warm wind and temperatures in the upper 60’s. This is enough to make any true fisherman hit the water, and many anglers are ready to tangle with the most sought after fish in our waters — the largemouth bass.

The bass are not real active in the dead of winter and fishing for them can be slow, but now that warmer weather is here some the bass are becoming more active as they work their way closer to their spawning time in a few months. What this means is that the bass will move up to more shallow water cover as the water continues to warm. This movement of bass will set up a whole new series of patterns to catch bass at this time of year.

There are some things that you need to remember about fishing at this time of year to have as good a trip as you can. First, the weather is very important in planning a trip. As long as the weather stays warm and stable the bass will be somewhat active, but a big swing in the weather like a cold front will shut it all down quick. So try to plan your trip by looking at the long-term forecast and look for several days of warming stable weather and plan your fishing trip during this time. Location is very important also. Bass will start to hold and locate on several types of key structure in a lake as long as the conditions are right.

The biggest single thing you will want to check for in an area you want to fish is the presence of deeper water close by. The deeper water allows the bass to quickly move from the shallow water area to the deeper water when it feels endangered or the weather turns colder. Such areas include points, cliff and bluff lines, channel edges, the edge of flats, and anywhere the channel hugs close to the bank. All these are top areas to look this time of year for late-winter largemouth.

Once you have located a spot you want to fish then begin fishing slow moving baits like jigs and tube baits in and around the cover. As the water warms up more later you can switch to baits like crank baits and spinner baits. Just get out and have some fun with fishing.

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