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Gabby’s fishing fever

Bass fishing great in Tennessee now

It sure has been a long cold winter and has lasted for way too long. Just when it warms up good and stays nice for several days the weather will turn cold again and snow. Old Man Winter just does not want to let go, but I we are expected to see some better weather very soon.

The best thing about warmer weather to a fisherman is that this also means better fishing. During the colder months of the year most of the fish in our area lakes will search out deeper warmer water to stay in until spring. As the water temperatures start to climb above the 50-degree range, the largemouth bass and crappie will start to move slowly toward sunny warming banks and cover. This move is not a quick one, but is based on rising water, water clarity, water and air temps, weather patterns and fishing pressure — all of which play a big role in determining when and how soon fish will move toward shallower water.

As long as everything is getting warmer and the weather is stable the fish will slowly start moving and feeding and become more active. However, a cold weather change can shut it all down very quickly, so use this to your advantage when planning your trip. There is one early fishing pattern I have relied on for years to decide when to start my fishing in our area. The early bass fishing action on the Tennessee lakes such as Cherokee Lake and Norris Lake have already started. I have received reports from good bass anglers that the bass fishing is real good on these lakes right now. I am hearing reports of bass being caught on crank baits. This is very exciting to a spring bass angler, because this means that if bass will chase and hit a moving crank bait right now, that tells you two very important things. First, it tells you that the bass have moved shallow enough to look for food in water in the six to 10 foot range, and also that the bass are active enough to chase a moving bait like a crank bait. These are very positive signs and can only mean one thing — that spring bass fishing has started in Tennessee and will be here soon for us. Thank God for that.

It seems that when the spring bass fishing takes off in Tennessee it starts getting good in our area about three weeks later. So be getting ready. It won’t be long now.

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