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Bluegill fishing is picking up

There are some things for sure that show spring is here. One is the dogwoods in bloom and another is the bluegill fishing getting good.

I have received several reports of good bluegill fishing in ponds and area lakes. The warm weather has moved bluegill in toward the bank and shallow water areas. When bluegill move up like this, they are in a positive feeding mood. In a few weeks when the water warms up more, bluegill will start looking for shallow water areas to make spawning beds.

Bluegill will feed very aggressively on many things like bugs, worms and small minnows. When bluegill are biting good, it can make for a day of fast and fun fishing action.

The bluegill is a great fish for new fisherman to learn about fishing because the action is fast and exciting and will keep their interest. You will only need a small and inexpensive amount of tackle to fish for bluegill, a light or ultra light action rod and reel combo with clear line in the 4- to 6-pound range. Small size hooks and sinkers are all you need. I prefer the long shank hooks because the longer shank will let you get a hook that has been deep hooked out easier than a short one.

You can use a floater or not. It is according to the type of area or cover you are fishing. If you’re fishing around heavy cover, it can be best to use a floater to keep your bait above the cover to keep you from getting hung up. A floater can let you adjust your depth so you can put your bait at the best depth to find the most active fish by simply moving your bobber up or down your line.

Bluegill will use almost any type of shallow water cover to hold on and feed around. They will also hang out around boat docks, rocky banks or any type of weedy bank.

The bluegill is a great little fish that can offer a lot of fun to any angler. Give it a try soon.

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