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Area lakes are on the rise

It is the time of year when the lakes are rising to summer pool.

This means the lakes will be full soon and fisherman can reach and fish all the lake for the first time this year. There are several parts of most lakes that can only be reached by boat and only when the water is all the way up, areas like the backwaters and the backs of creeks and long hollows.

This is very important because in a few weeks a lot of the fish like bass and bluegill will be looking for these shallow water areas to make spawning beds and lay their eggs. Right now with the daily rising water, fish will move in and out of newly flooded areas looking for food and new cover but will not stay for long till the water reaches summer pool and stabilizes Fish will move into and feed in shallow water areas as long as the weather is stable, but a cold front will move the fish back out to deeper water and cover.

After a few days of warm, stable weather look for areas that have some type of cover close to some type of deeper water like a creek or channel. These can be great places for early spring fishing. Also look for things like bait fish breaking the surface or birds feeding in a area. These are all signs of active feeding fish.

This time of the year in early spring up till bass go on the bed is what is called the pre spawn period. Fish will be moving in and out from shallow to deeper water and holding on different types of cover and following the bait fish schools around. This is when you want to look for all these signs of activity and fish as close to it as possible.

Between now and till fish go on the nest is a transition period or a time of change from one season to the next in the cycle of a lake. Many fish will be feeding close to or on the surface. This makes for some fast and active fishing at times. Fish like bass and bluegill will take baits on the surface.

If you are bluegill fishing, look for a area in the six- to ten-foot depth range with cover and fish a bait like a small pinch of worm or a cricket on a small long shank hook on light clear line. You can use a bobber to adjust the depth of your bait. Fish close to the cover and change the depth when needed to get more bites or bigger fish.

Bass will start moving and feeding along the deeper banks that have shallow water close to the bank. Work these areas by casting your bait like a willow leaf spinner bait and retrieve it just under the surface and by breaking the surface on the retrieve. Also baits like a small chrome rattletrap will draw hard strikes from feeding bass chasing shad. Some small shad-colored shallow running crank baits will work well also.

Search out and fish these early spring hot spots and get your spring fishing started of right.

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