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Time right for fishing for knot heads


Bluegill fishing is really starting to get good with water close to or at summer pool on most lakes.

The surface temperatures are in the low 60 to 63 degree range and the lakes are starting to stabilize and clear some. All these things add up to one very good thing, and that is the kickoff to some of the best bluegill fishing action of the year.

Like most anglers, I love bass fishing. To me, the smallmouth bass is the greatest fish the good Lord ever made. I also love to fish for crappie, walleye, musky, catfi sh, even a trout now and then, and to wade fish in the summer. I also enjoy fishing for bluegill.

Bluegill can grow very large and weigh a pound or more. A few years ago I went bluegill fishing on Cave Run Lake at Morehead with my cousin. We took our boat into the back of a cove in what they call Caney Creek Hollow. There we found a big bunch of old tree stumps in about six feet of dark colored water. We baited our lines with a piece of red worm on a small long shank hook and put a floater about three feet up on the line. I made the first cast and my line and floater landed very close to a stump. In just in few seconds my floater took off and I set the hook. I felt a hard pull on my line and I told my cousin I had a nice bass on my line, but as reeled my line in I saw one of the biggest bluegill I had ever seen in my life. This bluegill was huge, very dark colored, weighed well over a pound and had an odd hump close to its head.

We fished for a while and headed home with a cooler-full of large bluegill. We stopped at a local bait shop to get some snacks and found a bunch of old fellows sitting around the bait shop telling big fishing tales. One of them asked me if we did any good. I told them about us catching the big dark bluegill. The old man asked, “How many knot heads did you catch?” I asked what he meant and he said let me see your bluegill. He said see the hump on their head is why the locals call these knot heads. I guess you learn some thing new on every trip.

The bluegill is a great fish to use to get someone new into fishing or a young person. The bluegill is a hard fighting, hard hitting little fish that never quits and can be found in the smallest ponds to the biggest lakes. When you can’t get the other fish to bite you can always count on the bluegill. It is also a great fish to eat.

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