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Water’s color is very important

Water’s color is very important

One of many things that impact fishing is water color. Whether the water is clear is very important in deciding what type of bait is best to use, fish location and activity level, depth of active feeding fish, and location and depth of bait fish schools. Knowing this will give you a big advantage on deciding what to fish for and where to fish.

Laurel Lake, Paintsville Lake, Dale Hollow Lake, and Lake Cumberland are known for being very clear, cool and deep water lakes and known as good lakes for smallmouth bass, walleye, trout and bluegill. These clear water lakes are fished best with smaller natural color baits on light line, because in a clear water lake the fish feed mostly by sight. Large baits and heavy line will spook some fish.

Small crank baits and willow leaf spinner baits are good lure choices, as are blade baits and jigging spoons fished on deeper water points. The rattle trap-style baits work well on feeding bass. Soft plastics such as tube baits and small worms and jerk baits will work at times when the fish are active.

If you’re fishing stained to dark colored water you can get by with larger baits and heavier line. The off colored water will let the fish move more shallow and not be spooked as much as the fish in the clear water. Bass in stained water have limited visibility and rely on sound and vibration to locate food. This is where baits that put off a lot of sound and vibration work well Buzz baits, Colorado-bladed spinner baits with a big thumping blades, and top waters that make a big surface disturbance will draw hard strikes from shallow bass.

If you are fishing plastics, use black, blue, brown or a combination of these colors. Fish them close to heavy cover. Also, a big rattling jig will catch big bass in heavy cover.

The next time you are faced with a clear or stained water lake use these tips to help you catch more fish. You may e-mail me at

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