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Bass fishing in pre-spawn period

The bass fishing season is divided into three main periods — pre-spawn, spawn, and postspawn. We are now in pre-spawn at most of our area lakes, a time when the waters reach summer pool and temperatures in the mid to high 60’s.

Largemouth bass are now moving to the shallow water areas to feed and look for sites to make their nest or bed for the females to lay eggs. The bass will move from deeper water and hold on secondary drop-offs and cover and will move in shallow when the weather is stable or they do not feel threatened.

When the bass are holding on cover in six to eight feet of water you can fish a medium running crank bait or a slow rolled Colorado bladed spinner bait. Fish them close to and over the cover. These are good baits to cover a lot of water quickly and locate active feeding bass.

If bass are holding on shallow water cover in only a few feet of water you can fish several types of baits. A top-water bait or a popper or chugger will draw explosive strikes. Also, shallow running shad-colored crank baits and white- or chartreuse-colored willow leaf spinner baits work well. Lipless crank baits or rattle trap-style baits fished over shallow water areas will catch active large mouth.

If the bass are holding shallow during a cold front it will force them to move back out to secondary cover and structure — places like the area where a large shallow flat drops off into deeper water, the deep side of a point, or where a flat or point stair steps off into deeper water. When this happens the bass will not be as active and will hold closer to cover. This is when you will have to fish slower, deeper and tight to cover. Jigs, worms and tube baits fished slowly and tight to cover work well in this situation.

Get out and find a good shallow water area with deeper water close by and use these methods and give pre-spawn bass fishing a try.

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