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Gabby’s fishing fever

Bass fishing with lipless crank baits

Bass are now feeding on shad and baitfish to build up and store energy for the spawn.

There are several baits that resemble the look and action of a shad, but one of the best is the lipless crank bait or, as it’s also known, the rattle trap.

This bait has been around a while and is made by several companies and comes in a large selection of sizes from 1/4 ounce all the way up to 1 ounce and bigger for saltwater fishing. These baits are made for crappie, bass, walleye and musky fishing. There is not a fish swimming that will not hit one of these baits at the right time.

These baits have no bill and are heavy. You can cast one a mile. These baits have a tight fast wiggle on the retrieve and put off a lot of flash and vibration during the retrieve. This makes them more effective in clearer water, but they work well in most water colors.

This baits have built-in steel balls in the body of the bait. The balls move and rattle as the bait is being retrieved through the water. This puts off a lot of vibration in the water, and bass and other predator fish will use this vibration to find the bait. In off-colored water, this makes the rattle trap a good bait choice.

As I said, the weight of the bait allows for long casts. When you decide on a big shallow water area to fish, make a series of fan casts to thoroughly cover an area. This is a bait with which you can cover a lot of water fast and eliminate unproductive water. This makes this a good search bait for a new area.

Areas to look for during the pre-spawn period are large flats, humps or islands, shallow side of points and the backs of coves and where old roadbeds come into a lake. All of these are prime areas to fish a lipless crank bait.

Most of the time a long, limber tip rod works best to cast and retrieve this bait. This is the type of bait that can catch a bass on every cast when the bass are active.

Get out and give these baits a try on your next trip.

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