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Protective male bass will strike bait

With female bass now building nests and laying eggs, the male or buck bass are guarding and protecting the nests and eggs.

The male, smaller in size than the female, will not move far from the nest to feed. If something comes too close to the nest he will sometimes grab the intruder and move it away from the nest and spit it out.

This is why you want to choose a small bait that you can cast close to the nest and work for a while in the same area. A jerk bait or twitch bait works well. You will have to locate an area that has a large shallow area with several nests on it.

Look for a nest with a bass on it or close to it. Make a cast with your jerk bait as close to the nest as possible, but as quietly as you can. Let the bait rest for a bit to see if the bass will come to it or strike it. If nothing, then slowly twitch and jerk the bait as you retrieve. The bass may just take the bait and move it away from the nest. If he does, set the hook if you feel the bass has a good enough bite on the bait.

Use small natural color baits. Some with rattles will work well also. Use long limber tip rods with light clear line for best results. It is always a good idea to release all bass during the spawn period. This insures a good reproduction of bass for all our future bass anglers.

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