Whitesburg KY

Gabby’s fishing fever

If there was ever one fish that just about every angler enjoys fishing for it would have to be the bluegill.

Bluegill can be found every where from the largest lakes to the smallest ponds. They can quickly overpopulate a small pond and the fish will be small and thin, but in the right conditions and with the right balance of harvest and catch and release, a farm pond can give up some of the biggest bluegill you will ever catch.

I have been able to fish in some very good farm ponds over the years. In some of these every bluegill I caught was way over a pound and bigger than both of your hands. These are truly a very special fish and are an honor to catch for me. These big bluegill or bull bluegill as some anglers call them can pull drag on light bass tackle. You know you’re in a special situation when this happens.

On a recent fishing trip to Carr Creek Lake I was lucky enough to catch a huge bluegill. I caught several nice-sized ones but had that one very nice bluegill. It weighed more a pound. I was fishing with crappie tackle and the big bluegill pulled drag when it ran. It put up a real good fight before I landed it. This made the whole trip worthwhile.

The bluegill are up shallow right now and active on wood cover. Worms and minnows and crickets are the best bait choices. The fish seem to be most active early and later in the day up until dark. Most of the fish I caught were in around four to six feet of water.

A limber tip rod with light line will work best to catch bluegill. Small hooks and a small weight and floater can be used if needed or wanted. Try fishing the lakes until the weather gets to hot then give a shady farm pond a try. This is a great fish to use to introduce a new angler to the sport and create a lifetime of fishing memories.

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