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Fishing during the ‘turnover’

Most of the area lakes are being drawn down to winter pool, and many are also “turning over.”

When a lake turns over, it means that the water layers from top to bottom are changing places. It is an easy event to recognize because of the color of the water. The lake will have a brownish color to it and will sometimes have a smell to it from the old leaves and weeds that get stirred up from the bottom during the process.

The fishing can be tough during the turnover, but you can still take steps to help your chances of catching fish. During the draw down period, most fish will relate to main lake banks that have deeper water close by such as a drop off or channel.

Wood, brush piles, stumps and fallen trees are good places to fish for active bass. Most fish seem to hold close to the bank areas during this time and remain there until the lake is at winter pool and starts to clear and stabilize.

For now, try to work the banks and look for signs of minnows and baitfish breaking the water, as this is a sign of active bass. Fish with small minnows and worms in these areas for bluegill and crappie. Bass will hold more on the outside of brush cover. Fish with small top waters and buzz baits.

For bass holding tight to cover, use plastics such as worms and tube baits fished close to the cover. Fish baits such as small shallow running crank baits and spinner baits close to the outside edges of the cover.

As soon as the water starts to clear and the lake is at winter pool fish will scatter more and then some of the best fishing of the year will start.

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