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Gabby’s fishing fever

Fish now moving to main lake

All the area’s major lakes are dropping to winter pool. This is a big event, as fish in backwater areas move from the shallow water and go to the deeper main lake water. This movement will cause fish to take up and hold on different types of cover and different water depths.

The same fishing patterns that caught fish in the shallow water will have to be changed some to successfully catch fish in the new main lake areas. As the water pulls out of the major creeks and coves the fish will follow the dropping water all the way to the main lake. Look for the deepest water still in these areas and fish the cover carefully for the most active fish. There are still large floating weed beds in the creeks of most lakes. Fish will move with these weed beds and hold under and around them for food and protection.

Fish such as largemouth bass will feed around these weed beds on small baitfish. Fish small top waters around these weed beds and baits such chuggers and poppers. Twitch-style baits and buzz baits work well and will draw explosive strikes. Look for any openings or open pockets in the weed bed and fish it carefully. Baits such as a floating worm or a zoom fluke or a top water frogstyle bait will work well. Another good way to fish a shallow flat or a deep side of a main lake point is with a Carolina rig or a medium running crank bait.

During this time of year the bass will school baitfish up onto flats in shallower water and feed on them, and a shad- colored crank bait is a good lure choice. A slow-rolled spinner bait will also catch active bass. Look for any bank with a stair-step drop off or any type of steady drop off and start fishing with top waters and then move to shallow running crank baits and spinner baits. If there is no action try slower baits such as tube baits and jigs or small worms. Just check what type of water depth and cover you are faced with and try one of these fishing patterns.

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