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Gabby’s fishing fever

Better fishing is on the way soon

With area lakes dropping to winter pool and already or having begun to turn over and fish relocating to clearer water close to the bank, it would seem that fishing would be slow. However, all of this is just the start of some of the best fishing of the year for many anglers.

As soon as the lakes settle and clear the fall fishing season is on. Myself and several other fishermen consider this some of the best time to be on the water. Every fish from the largemouth and smallmouth bass to crappie, bluegill, musky, catfish and all the others are feeding up for winter, and the angler that knows how to use this to his or her advantage will catch a lot more fish.

Bass become active in very shallow water levels in the fall and will strike fast-moving baits on or close to the surface. Baits such as buzz baits or top water lures or jerk baits worked close to active bass will draw explosive strikes. Subsurface baits such as shallow running shad-colored crank baits, Rat-L-Trap-style baits or a fast-reeled willow leaf spinner bait will catch fall bass. If these patterns do not catch any bass then back off the bank some and slow down and fish crawdad-colored jigs or tube baits a little deeper and around cover. This is also a big bass pattern.

Just about all the fish will move to more shallow water as the water temperatures drop. Fish such the musky can be fished for by slow trolling several rods with a variety of baits run at different depths working the deeper channels or a river type area.

All the lakes are on the way to becoming ready to fish for the fall action. You just have to let nature run its course. But just knowing what will be happening in the next few weeks keeps all us fisherman going.

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