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Gabby’s fishing fever

Bass action is picking up now

With both the water temperatures and lakes falling, it is a sure sign that better bass fishing is on the way. As the water levels off to winter pool the bass will move very shallow and close to the bank to fatten up for winter. Bass will follow the baitfish into the shallow water areas and feed.

Try to use baits that look and act like a shad. There are several baits — crank baits, spinner baits, jerk baits and some top-water baits — that look and act like shad. A crank bait is a top lure choice. No other bait looks or acts like a shad better than a crank bait. Use a shallow- to medium-running bait in a shad-colored pattern. Fish this bait in areas where you see bass working shad in shallow water. Make long casts and work the bait back through the baitfish. Also, you can get close to the bank and make long casts parallel to the bank.

Both of these patterns will work with a crank bait or a spinner bait.

Wherever you see a bass working a school of shad, fish these baits in or close to the area. If you are fishing a spinner bait, use a bait with two willow leaf blades or with a larger front willow leaf blade and a smaller Colorado blade in the rear. In clear water this is the best set up, but in stained to murky water you can use a big Colorado-bladed spinner bait that will produce a lot of thump that the bass can use to locate the bait in off-colored water.

If you are fishing a crank bait in stained water, use a brighter colored bait such as a chartreuse or an orange-colored pattern such as a Fire Tiger. Use baits with rattles such as the Rat-L-Trap or rattling crank bait. If the bass are feeding very close to the bank in shallow water then fish a jerk bait or top water or buzz bait.

The fishing will just get better and better as the season goes along so plan your trips soon.

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