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Some crappie will stay in low water

With lakes dropping to winter pool, most crappie are moving from shallow water to deeper main lake water. The water in the backwater creeks and coves will drop to levels too low for crappie to stay in. But if the water is still deep enough for crappie to use, some of them will remain there.

To find these crappie, look for areas that have both shallow and deeper water close to some type of wood or weed cover — the points edge of flats, old roadbeds, and banks with a slow drop off into deeper water. Crappie will stay on these types of spots even into winter.

Crappie stay in colder water as long as any fish. If you are fishing in low water areas for crappie, look for visible cover such as wood cover. Look for small open water pockets of cover and target these types of areas for the bigger crappie. Fish with small minnows or tube baits, small grubs and small baits. Use light action rods and reels with light action line and slowly work the baits in and around the cover to find active crappie.

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