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Crappie fishing is improving

The reports on crappie I have been getting are that fishing is getting better as the waters cool and the lakes stabilize at winter pool.

The fishing action in Tennessee for crappie has been good so far this fall. The season starts in that state and slowly works it way to this area. Most of the Tennessee lakes such as Cherokee and Norris have both black and white crappie.

The black crappie are easy to tell from the white crappie because the black crappie have dark black spotted areas on their body while the white crappie have white and silver spots. The black crappie get thick and chunky as they grow, while the white add length. Both of these fish will use the same type of cover and will feed on the same bait. The bait of choice of course is minnow and small shad. This makes the small minnow a top choice any time for a crappie when fishing.

Right now, you can fish during the day or night with about the same success. Crappie will come up fairly shallow during this time of year and will use cover such as brush piles, standing flooded timber, weed beds, fallen trees, manmade fish cover, and rock humps. In most lakes if some type of wood cover is available the crappie will use it to hold on and feed around, but in some lakes a lot of wood is not in the water and the crappie will use these other forms of cover to hold on.

When you pick out an area you want to fish, you can start by using a small minnow to see how active the crappie are feeding and then stay with a minnow or switch to a artificial bait such as a small tube bait or a curly tail grub. Crappie are very color selective and you may have to try different ones until you find what they are the most active on.

The crappie fishing is good and getting better so get out this fall and get in on the action.

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