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Bass are exploding on buzz baits

The largemouth bass are on the move toward shallow water and are feeding on the surface on many of the Tennessee and Kentucky lakes. This has been the report I have been given by several good bass anglers.

Reports from Cherokee Lake in Tennessee are that bass are killing buzz baits. I have heard several reports of huge catches of bass being caught recently on buzz baits, and this is the right time of year for this type of action and for this top water pattern.

Bass are feeding heavy on shad and baitfish to build up fat to get them through the winter months. They will chase the shad into shallow water areas and school them toward the surface and feed on the weakest and dying shad first. Any thing that looks or acts like a shad on the surface is a good lure choice for fall bass, and the buzz bait works great to look like a shad on the surface. The squeaking turning blades drive the bass mad and they just want to kill it. This is just what a fall bass angler wants the bass to do — blow up on the bait. This is the type of explosive visible strike that keeps a bass angler awake at night and keeps bringing them back to the water year after year.

If you have never seen a big bass blow up on a top water bait or a buzz bait and have the fish come out of the splashing water with the bait flying through the air then you have not lived. This is a sight that is breathtaking to just about any outdoorsman.

The buzz bait is not a hard bait to fish. The general rule of fishing a buzz bait is simply make the cast past the area you want to fish, and as soon as the bait hits the water start your retrieve to get the blade turning. Reel just fast enough to keep the blades turning, then make it go slower or faster according to the activity level of the bass. The most important thing is when you get a strike, wait until you feel the pull on the bait to set the hook.

The buzz bait is a fast action, fun bait to fish and is the ticket to top water action right now. You can e-mail me at gabbysfishingfever@yahoo.com.

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