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Fishing slowly can bring results

Fishing in cold and stained water can be very tough. But just like any other situation you are faced with in fishing, you just have to stop and think what you can do to put anything you can in your favor — things like moving to more clear water or fishing heavy cover or fishing baits that can be fished very slow in heavy cover. All of these things can and will help you to catch fish when faced with this condition.

If you are fishing on a lake and it all looks muddy, then move around and look for clearer water or even where the muddy and clear water meet. Then look for some type of heavy cover like wood or rock cover. On some lakes the whole bank may muddy. This is when you need to use your depth finder and back up off the bank and look for some type of a drop-off into deeper water.

It does not have to be a big drop- off, only a few feet of a change will hold fish. A place like the edge of a flat where it drops off into a channel is a key spot, or the deep side of a main lake point. Basically, anywhere the channel runs into or hugs the bank is a good area to try. If you can find heavy cover close by, this is a big plus.

Fish baits like a dark-colored jig in very tight to and deep inside heavy cover very slowly. Target your casts to the outside edges of the cover first, and then slowly work toward the center of the cover. This will allow you to fish the cover thoroughly

This is some slow fishing, but is one of the best ways to fish in cold, stained water.

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