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Gabby’s fishing fever

Action is great at Cave Run Lake

I have received some very good fishing reports about Cave Run Lake near Morehead. Everything from largemouth and smallmouth bass to crappie and musky are being caught.

Most of Cave Run Lake has a lot of flooded timber that can be kind of tricky to move around in a boat. This heavy cover also makes for some good fishing. Fish such as bass and crappie use this wood cover to hold and wait for baitfish to come by. There are several big weed beds in this lake, which in winter appear as just large brown clumps. Musky will use these old weed bed edges to move along and look for food.

If you are bass fishing, search for heavy wood cover such as the edge of the flooded standing timber or a lot of fallen wood or trees in one spot. This is the pattern I used to catch largemouth on my last winter trip to Cave Run. I was fishing around a huge tree lying in about 10 feet of water. I was fishing a shad-colored Rapala Shad Rap crank bait. I was making short casts into open pockets and anywhere else I could without getting hung up. Then I made a cast across the main body of a tree. My bait got hung on the bark on the back of the tree. When I pulled the bait loose, it came across the tree and splashed in the water close to the tree. As soon as it did a big largemouth bass busted it completely out of the water.

The bass, which weighed about four pounds, put up a great fight and made the whole trip worthwhile. That this bass hit the bait while holding on the cover told me several things. First, the bass was holding tight to the cover and was waiting on prey instead of chasing it. This is why I was not doing much good by fishing a fast moving bait and by making my cast around the outside of the cover instead of fishing a slow bait it tight to the main cover. So I tied on a small dark-colored hair jig and a brown pork frog trailer. I fished this on heavy line on a heavy action rod and bait-casting reel. I worked several big brush piles during the day and ended up catching several nice bass. So this is just a tip you might want to remember if you bass fish this lake during this time of year.

Crappie are reported to be good on minnows around heavy standing timber and brush piles in 10 to 12 feet of water if you are looking for numbers of crappie. For the larger slab crappie, drop your bait on down a few feet. This will require some extra weight added to your line. I have gotten reports of several crappie more than 14 inches being caught. This lake has both white and black slab crappie.

The musky fishing is reported to be good by fishing along the edge of large weed beds with slow-reeled spinners and bucktail jigs.

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