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Hair jigs catch fish every month

The cold days of winter can be tough on anglers who like to fish for largemouth bass. The largemouth is not very active in water temperatures below the 50-degree range. However, there is is a good lure choice for both small- and largemouth bass in the winter. It is the hair jig.

The hair jig has long been a favorite bait of winter bass anglers, but what a lot of fisherman don’t know is that a hair jig can be fished year round for bass by simply changing a few things about the bait — colors and size and by adding trailers. I have caught bass in the summer and winter on hair jigs, which are also known as big bass baits.

The largemouth will not move far or chase a bait far in cold water. They will not burn much energy in cold water. They will hold in deeper warmer water close to heavy cover at times. This is the perfect time to fish a jig. You can fish a hair jig very slow and tight to and through heavy cover and deeper water. During this time of year, fish jigs in the 3/8-ounce size or larger. Dark colors like black, brown, green and blue will work best. Fish these jigs on a strong line and with a medium to heavy action rod. Watch your depth finder for signs of bass holding on deeper cover or areas with a defined drop off, such as a creek channel hugging close to the bank or on the edge of a flat where it drops off into the main channel. Banks that have steep or stair step drops to them are also worth fishing, as are cliff lines and bluff walls.

Once you locate a spot you like, make your cast close to the cover and try to very slowly work the jig back over and through the cover. Sometimes a big bass bite will only feel like a small tap on your line. Just try to feel and watch your line and rod for a small pull or twitch. This could be a bass of a lifetime on your line. Give a hair jig a try on your next winter bass fishing trip.

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