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Gabby’s fishing fever

Bluegill are waiting for your bait

The mild weather has made bluegill active in lakes, rivers and ponds.

Bluegill are among the most fun fish to try to catch. They are found most of the time found around the shoreline and around some type of cover like wood, weeds or rocks. Because they move in schools, where one is caught several can be caught most of the time. Bluegill are easy to find and catch most of the time and this makes it a perfect fish for people new to fishing.

Bluegill are aggressive when feeding and will hit a bait several times on a single cast. Bluegill are very clean and among the best tasting fish you can catch. You do not need a lot of expensive tackle to fish for bluegill, just good basic tackle will do fine. A lightweight spinning or spin cast reel will work well, and a light action rod and light line will make a good set up. Use small long shank hooks and small split shot sinkers and a floater if you need one. Bait is any thing from red worms to night crawlers, crickets, or small grubs.

Some bluegill fisherman use small plastic baits like tube baits and curly tail grubs. This mild weather has bluegill feeding close to the bank and around cover. Look for these areas and fish close to the cover.

Bluegill can be caught in large and small lakes plus most rivers and streams, but the best place to look for and catch the biggest monster bluegills is in ponds, particularly old farm ponds. This is where the biggest bluegill I have ever caught came from. It is not uncommon to catch bluegill weighting more than one pound out of a pond.

If you have someone who loves to catch a lot of fish and have fun doing it then get out soon and give bluegill fishing a try.

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