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Partly sunny

Gabby’s fishing fever

Fish have gone deeper for now

Colder weather has returned and moved most fish to a little deeper and warmer water.

Largemouth bass and bluegill will move to slightly deeper water until the weather warms some. Smallmouth bass and crappie are less affected by the cooler water and will remain fairly active.

If you are looking for largemouth look for areas with cover and some type of deeper water close by, such as a channel or a creek running close to the bank, or where a big flat drops off into deeper water.

One of my favorite places is on a main lake point that has a big rocky stair step bank that slowly drops off into deeper water. I have caught more and bigger bass year round off this type of bank than just about any other.

You can fish just about every type of bass bait made on this type of cover. Taking the time to locate and fish these types of cover will increase your chances of catching wintertime largemouth. Fish with slower deeper baits such as a jig or tube bait or grub-style bait. Fish them very slowly and close to the cover and feel your line for any sign of a tap or pull. The bite from even a large fish will sometimes be very light.

Crappie will stay in water in the six-foot-plus range most of the year and will not move as much in the colder weather. The minnow is the best bait choice year round. You can’t go wrong using a live minnow for crappie, but you can also use the small tube baits and curly tail grubs in different colors. Fish these baits in and around wood, weed or rock cover with or with out as floater for the best action.

This time of year is a hard time to get out and fish, but fish slow and a little deeper and you will have your best chance of having a productive trip.

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