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Crappie will hit small minnows now

Spring is on the way, but for now you can still enjoy some decent crappie fishing. The same areas you would fish in the early spring will not produce many fish now, so you need to look for areas that have a little deeper water with some type of cover.

Just about any type of cover will hold crappie — anything from wood to weed beds to rock piles or even edges of channel drops will hold crappie at times. As you move along in your boat, watch your depth finder for any change in bottom depths or structure. Look for schools crappie or bass in these areas and fish them with minnows or small baits. Try to fish as close to the cover as you can without getting hung up.

Small minnows fished on light line is always a top choice for crappie. You can also use small bright colored tube baits or curly-tail jigs. Work these baits very slowly up and down with a slow pumping swimming action. Watch your line and feel for any slight pull or twitch wait just a second and set the hook.

This is a time of year to catch big slab crappie also. Try to be safe and enjoy some mid winter crappie fishing. You can e-mail me at gabbysfishingfever@yahoo.com.

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