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Gabby’s fishing fever

Bass are now on the move

Bass and other fish are following schools of baitfish into and around more shallow water areas as this week’s nice warm days continue.

Fish near main lake banks that get sunshine early and keep it the longest. These banks will attract the baitfish and bass first. Also, look for any type of cover on these sunny banks. This is a big plus when looking for a spot to fish. A sunny bank may only be a couple of degrees warmer during this time, but that is enough to hold active bass. Watch for baitfi sh breaking the surface, as this is a sign of feeding active bass.

Cast small baits such as tube baits or jig and pig combos into these areas. You may also small twitch or jerk baits. Make your cast into the area where the bass are feeding and work the bait with a slow steady side-to-side or by “walking the dog.” This will draw the attention of bass nearby.

If the bass are very active you can fish baits such as a rattling bait or rattle trap. Make the cast and work the bait back while feeling for any type of strike or pull on the line. As the season gets closer to spring the action will get better and better.

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