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Mostly clear

Gabby’s fishing fever

Good reports from lakes all over

I have received reports from all over and several states of increased largemouth bass action. Everywhere from Tennessee to Alabama to all over Kentucky the bass action is starting heat up.

Bass are becoming more active and are moving to more shallow water areas. As long as the temperatures and weather continue to warm the action will get better, but a sudden cold front can shut it all down and send the bass back to deeper water.

That is the way it is this time of year, but the spring bass fishing season is not far off. During this time of year stable warming trends and warming water temperatures are what it takes to make bass active. At no other time of the year are bass more affected by weather patterns than now, when a steady series of warming days will move bass from deeper to more shallow water and make them more active.

When bass are in shallow water or close to the bank and are chasing shad close to the surface, use a bait like a small jerk or twitch bait. These styles of bait resemble a struggling shad and will draw strikes from feeding bass. You can also fish small shad-colored crank baits and work them slowly under the surface. Both of these patterns seem to be working pretty well on most lakes right now.

Bass will move along the banks during the warmest part of the day looking for shad and other food. Look for banks that receive the most sun during the day. These banks may only be a few degrees warmer, but during this time of year this is all it takes to hold active feeding bass.

Little things make all the difference when looking for early season bass.

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