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Mostly clear
Mostly clear

Gabby’s fishing fever

Action hot in streams and rivers

As I drive up and down the roads in our area, I see a lot of fisherman already fishing in the local rivers and streams. According to most of the anglers I have talked to or heard from, the fishing is getting better as the water warms up.

Our area streams and rivers offer a good variety of fish — everything from largemouth and smallmouth bass to Kentucky or spotted bass, some black and white crappie in places. There are several types of catfish, trout, bluegill and redeyes, and down toward Hazard in the river is some good musky fishing. So there is something for everybody.

It is not hardly warm enough to wade fish yet, but everyone I have seen is just walking the banks for now. We are blessed to have several good streams and rivers to fish in our area.

There are some things that you can do when you are going river and stream fishing to make your trip better. Look for high or muddy water. This can make fishing hard. After a big rain or runoff of water you may have to wait for the river to drop and stabilize before you can fish it. Or try to find a stream that is not flooded or look for clearer water.

If you are fishing for bass, work small plastics or crank baits around tree roots and brush piles. If you’re catfishing, fish the ends of deeper pools during low light or dark periods of the day and in the deeper areas during the daytime.

Redeyes and bluegill will hang out around the rock and wood cover and will hit good on minnows and worms. The musky is best on slow rolled buck tail jigs and trolled crank baits and jerk baits.

So, as you can see, the river and streams offer good action to all.

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