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Gabby’s fishing fever

Bass, crappie, bluegill are biting

It is spring and time to start fishing for largemouth bass, crappie and bluegill. All these fish and others will move toward shallow water and cover to feed and to get ready for the upcoming spawn.

The warming shallow water will also cause baitfish schools to move toward the shallow areas. The game fish will follow, so always look for signs of active minnows breaking the surface, as this is a sure sign of feeding bass.

Crappie will hold a little deeper in the heavy wood, rock or wood cover. They will wait for minnows to swim by to feed. The little bluegill are everywhere and will be very active on many types of bait. There is something for every body right now and it is a good time to take a young angler fishing because of the good action.

Bass are doing good on buzz baits and top water-style and jerk baits. This pattern should hold good until the spawn. I have received all kinds of reports about good crappie fishing. A lot of anglers are doing real well crappie fishing on most of our area lakes. The bluegill are feeding heavy and are very aggressive to most baits. All of these fish are fun to catch in the early spring. During this time of the year the lakes come alive with action.

Look for crappie to be close to some form of cover like a brush pile or a big laid down tree. The crappie love this type of cover and will use it most of the time. Fish these areas with small minnows on light line in the 4 to 6 pound test range. Fish close to the cover for best results. The most active crappie will hang close to the top of the cover while the bigger slab crappie will hold on the more choice cover in the deeper parts of the cover.

Look for active bluegill about everywhere. Get out and get in on the early spring action.

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