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Jerk baits should work well now

Bass are now moving into shallow water areas to feed and to get ready to spawn. They will chase and feed on shad near or on the surface. Any bait that can imitate this action would seem like a good bait to fish right now, and there is just such a bait — the jerk bait.

This bait is so named because that is exactly the way it works. You cast the bait out into the water and work it with a jerking or a twitching action. This bait is also known as a twitch bait or a stick bait by many anglers, and comes in a solid onepiece body or a jointed two-piece body. Also they are made from a small to very large size. Several colors are also available in these baits.

Deciding what size and color to use is just like most baits; you need to judge this by the size of the pond or lake you plan to fish. Use smaller baits in ponds and creeks and bigger baits in the lakes and when the bass are most active. A jerk bait is a bait that stays on the surface all the time and you want to keep an eye and a feel on your fishing pole and line for a strike.

When you are looking for a spot to fish look for and sign of a surface disturbance. This could be anything from shad breaking the surface, bass or other fish feeding on shad close to the surface or even birds looking for baitfish to eat. All these things are a give away of active bass feeding in this area, and this is where you will want to spend some time fishing the jerk bait.

Once you get close enough to make a cast you will want to make the cast past the bass a little and let it sit for a few seconds. Sometimes if a bass is close it will draw a reaction strike. After the splash rings leave the bait then begin the retrieve with a jerk reel, jerk reel retrieve. Look for any run or blow up on the bait by a feeding bass. Try to wait until you feel the pull of the bass before you set the hook. This will greatly increase your hook set to catch percentage.

Fish this type of bait on a long rod with a limber tip and plenty of back bone for the best results.

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