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Gabby’s fishing fever

Bring out your top water baits

The early spring fishing season is here at last, and nothing is as fun to most anglers as catching a nice bass on a top water bait.

Top water baits have been around a long time and have been catching bass for a long time. Some of the very first top water baits were all hand carved and built. These baits had hand painted designs on them with hand painted or gluedon eyes. These older top quality baits are very sought after by lure collectors, and some can be worth some big money.

The family of top water baits include the original top water, buzz bait, baits like the jerk, twitch and chugger style baits. All these baits fish on the surface and all have their time, place and style to be fished with to catch bass.

Most anglers will tell you that there is nothing like a big bass blowing up on a top water bait you are fishing. You see a spot where shad are breaking the surface and make a long cast out past the action. Slowly you start working a top water like a tiny torpedo back toward the boat.

Working the bait back with a twitch, twitch, pause, retrieve and you come by a stump and stop the bait. As soon you start moving the bait, the whole surface of the water explodes up like a bomb as a huge bass strikes the bait and knocks it out of the water and the water flies everywhere. Then as you set the hook, you feel the bass of a lifetime on the other end. This is a dream come true for most anglers and something that some anglers have had happen.

Top water baits need to be fished on a long rod with a strong backbone and a limber tip. This allows the bait to be cast a long way and for good hook sets and landing a hooked bass.

This is one of the most exciting ways to bass fish and right now the action is wide open.

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