Whitesburg KY

Gabby’s fishing fever

Wade fishing is coming soon

As you’ve been driving around lately you’ve probably noticed all the anglers fishing in the rivers and streams. Most of the fishermen I have talked to tell me fishing has been good in the streams of late.

Fishing in streams and rivers offers several things going that lake fishing can’t. There is no crowd to fight with, there is always some type of shade, and the scenery is nice most of the time. And in most cases the action can get good at times.

Many types of fish swim in our streams, from largemouth and smallmouth bass to the Kentucky bass. Fish also range from muskie and walleye to crappie, catfish to suckers, and carp to trout. There is a fish for every angler and enough places for everybody to fish.

People I have been talking to have been walking the banks and fishing, but before long you will be able to wade fish. This is much more fun to do, because it puts you with the fish in their world and gives you a whole new feel for the great outdoors.

This is not an expensive way to fish at all and is a great opportunity to spend time with your family and friends. Just basic tackle is all you need. If you are looking for a relaxing way to fish give this laid back style a try.

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