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Gabby’s fishing fever

Largemouth bass are spawning

Largemouth bass are now moving to the shallow backwater areas to spawn and sit on the nest.

Some bass have already spawned and moved out while some are still on or moving to the nest. As the new moon phase changes, the fish will move in and out of the spawning areas.

Bass can be tricky to catch during the spawning period, but just like any other time of the bass fishing season you must change and adapt your style and approach to be successful. This means using light tackle and light clear line and small lures, and to fish in a calm and quiet style. Remember, you are fishing in very shallow water, and most of the time in clear water, and the bass can see everything and will be spooked very easily.

As I said earlier, keep your rod and reel in a lightweight size. Most anglers will use spinning reels for this type of fishing because they work much better than bait casting reels with small line and small lures. Look for shallow water areas in the backs of cover and creeks. Bass will use these protected areas to make a nest and have their fry. Most of the bass you will see around the nest will be the smaller male or buck bass. They will stay with and protect the nest most of the time. The larger female bass will move in and out during the day.

When you find a area to fish, slowly move around until you can make a cast to the nest. Fish small lures such as a G2 tube bait. A small jerk bait or small crank bait and some top waters will work at times. Make your cast a little past the area and let the splash rings settle, then slowly work the bait over the nest and twitch it. This will draw the attention of a bedding bass. Sometimes the bass will hit the bait to eat it and will sometimes grab it to move it away from the nest.

This is a slow and waiting style of fishing, but can pay off big for some anglers. During this time of year, be sure to release all bass to make a future generation of bass for the next generation of bass anglers.

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