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Gabby’s fishing fever

Take me to the river — fish are biting!

It seems that everywhere you look now you see fishermen in the river — and doing good.

I have had all kinds of good reports from river fishermen in the past few weeks. They tell me they are catching everything from catfish to bass to red-eyes.

I have had reports of some nice catfish being caught in the Linefork area, which has always been one of my favorite parts of the North Fork of the Kentucky River and always gives up some nice fish. The area between Blackey and Leatherwood along Highway 7 has always offered decent fishing.

To some anglers there is nothing like wade fishing a peaceful river or stream. This really puts the angler in touch with nature and the river, and is a great way to cool off in the heat of the summer while catching some nice fish. Fish from the river always seem to give a better fight than a lake fish. Some say that is because a river fish is used to fighting the current all the time, making them stronger.

Fishing a river is somewhat different than fishing a lake. In a lake, you have still water most of the time and have to look for some type of cover or structure to fish. In most rivers you are fishing an always-moving current and need to look for anything that breaks or disturbs that current to find where feeding fish may be holding. This can be anything from a single rock to a big pile of rocks that form a small island, or weeds or any type of wood cover.

Sometimes even the bank itself will cause a break in the current. Places where the bank has been undercut by water create the slack water areas where I have caught most of my best river fish. You can fish in the river with just about any type of bait or lure, but the smaller baits seem to work best. If you have never done this type of fishing you are missing out on some of the most fun you can have in fishing.

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