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Bass are moving to deeper water

The bass fishing season is made up of three parts — pre-spawn, spawn and post-spawn, which is where are now in most of our lakes.

What this means is that most bass are through with spawning in shallow water and are moving to cover in the deeper and cooler water. The surface temperatures have warmed enough on most lakes to enable bass to move to the closest area from the spawning grounds that offer some type of cover. These areas are also called secondary cover.

The baits and patterns that you used to catch shallow water bass in the spawning period will have to be changed to catch deeper holding bass. Baits with a slower, more targeted presentation like a plastic worm or jig or grub or tube bait is good to fish close to or in most types of deeper cover like wood, weeds or rock. These baits can get down into and through most types of heavy cover. Most are very weedless and travel through cover without hanging up.

Watch your fish finder for signs of cover on the edge of the first drop off into deeper water close to a shallow water spawning area. If the fish seem to be holding tight or buried up in the cover, this is a sign the bass are not very active and will not chase bait very far.

The strike zone will be much smaller and a bait or lure will need to be fished close to the cover for the best chance to draw a strike. However, if the bass are scattered out and feeding in the shallow areas they are more active and will chase a lure and will have a much bigger strike zone.

Now you can fish faster-moving baits like crank baits, spinner baits, buzz baits and top waters and also rattle traps. The key to fishing this time of year is to first locate the shallow water spawning areas and then move out to the first major drop in the bottom and look for some type of cover. Look to see where and how the bass are relating to the cover and decide the best baits or lures to use.

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