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Bluegill easily caught off the nest

On a recent trip to Carr Creek Lake I was bluegill fishing in the same deeper water spots I like to frequent. After a while, I started noticing that the bite was real slow, so I started moving around and fishing different areas closer to the bank.

The more shallow I fished the better the action was. I also noticed there were small dips everywhere in the bottom. This is where the bluegill had made their nest area. There were nice-size bluegill everywhere.

Because bluegill are very easy to catch while they are nesting, it is a good time to practice catch and release. It is very easy to take away too many fish and throw off the balance of the spawning bluegill and hurt the fishing for future anglers. It’s okay to keep some, but just keep this in mind.

The rigs to catch bluegill are very basic — just simple casting or spin cast tackle will work great. Small line in the 4 to 6 pound test range and ultra to light action poles and small baits will take care of most bluegill fishing. Bluegill look for areas to spawn in the shallow water close to bank and on large flats.

Other prime areas to look for spawning bluegill is where fresh cooler water comes into a shallow area, such as a cove with a small creek in the back of it. One of my favorite places is where a drain or culvert dumps water into a lake. This makes a clean shallow rocky area that bluegill love.

As far as bait, it is hard to beat a small piece of red worm or night crawler. You can use mealworms or crickets. As for artificial baits use small jigs or flies worked close to the bed. Get out and give this fun type of fishing a try.

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