Whitesburg KY

Gabby’s fishing fever

Bass fishing is good all around here

I have received reports from all over that the bass fishing is good in most places. From the big lakes in Tennessee to most of our area lakes, rivers and streams, the catch reports have been good for bass.

The largemouth bass has long been the most fished for fish by anglers here. I have been blessed to catch two bass over three pounds in the last few weeks. During this time of year the bass will hold close to and feed around the bank and surface. This is at night and early in the morning and in low light conditions. When bass are in these types of areas fish surface and shallow running baits like top water twitch and jerk baits. Also, buzz baits are good choices. Baits like shallow running crank baits or spinner baits work well, and the rattle trap-style baits will catch active bass.

During most of the day after the sun gets up high the bass will move to deeper cooler water. When bass are holding on deeper cover, try deep-running crank baits or slow roll a spinner bait. You can also fish a slower bait close to the cover like a worm or jig. These are big bass baits.

So you can see the bass can be caught in several areas and on several baits. Get out while the action is good and have some fun.

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