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A minnow and deep water will do fine

Some anglers have a type of fishing they really like and have a lot of confidence in the way they fish. One of my favorite ways to fish during this time of year is to fish for crappie in deep water.

During the summer months, deeper water offers crappie cooler more and more stable water with much better oxygen levels. If you will target these areas you will have more success than fishing shallow. Look for areas with some type of cover — brush piles, stumps, fallen trees, standing flooded timber or some type of manmade fish cover.

All the areas I mentioned should hold active crappie during most of the summer. This is where the use of a good fish finder is very helpful. Once you locate a deep spot with cover, watch your fish finder to see where the crappie are holding. Crappie holding away from the cover will be the most active and the easiest to catch. The crappie that hold tight to the cover are in more of a negative feeding mood. Crappie will not move far away from prime cover so you will not have to move much to find active fish.

As far as bait, a good old minnow will always work, but there are some good artificial baits such as small tube baits or a curlytail grub. Crappie can be very color picky and will change color choices several time during a day. If you are doing well on a spot and the action slows down before you move, try moving your bait up or down some or changing colors.

Deep water crappie fishing is a game of finding a spot and putting a bait on it and waiting for a strike. This can pay off with some nice fish.

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