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Night is best for summer bass fishing

Right now the weather and the water temperatures are very high and hot. This makes it uncomfortable to get out during the day and fish. After the sun has set the temperatures cool some and give the bass angler a chance to do some good fishing. I guess every angler has his or her favorite time to fish. Mine is at night.

I think fishing at night has several advantages. One is to beat the heat. Also, there are not as many distractions and you can focus more. In addition, fish such as bass will be more active at night during the hot summer weather. As the surface temperatures climb bass move to deeper and cooler water. Shallow hot water has a very low oxygen level while the deeper cooler water has a much better oxygen level. When we say deeper water this does not always mean a huge depth change on all lakes. On some lakes this may only be a few feet.

Bass will look for areas that have a steady drop off into deeper water but with a shallow area close by. Look for these types of areas and also look for cover of some type to make it even better. Examples of these deeper water areas are places like the edge of a flat where it tapers off into a channel or creek, where a channel hugs or runs close to the bank, on a cliff line or big bluff line, on the deep side of a main lake point or just a steep bank or point that drops off into deeper water. All of these are great places to deep summer bass fish.

Several baits work well for summer bass. It you do not see any bass breaking the surface, then try deeper baits. You can start with a search bait that will cover a lot of water fast and find active bass. Baits like a crank bait or rattle trapstyle bait work well. You can also try a willow or Colorado bladed spinner bait slow rolled over the bottom and around cover. These baits will find feeding fish faster and eliminate unproductive water. If these baits do not produce, then go to slower baits like plastics like worms. Tube baits and small jigs also work well. Use these baits to fish the banks and cover for bass holding to deeper cover. At night or any time the bass are feeding on or close to the cover, try a buzz bait, top water or jerk bait. These will draw some explosive strikes.

The bass action has been good in the last few weeks with some nice bass being caught. Get out on the lake at night and give it a try.

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