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Drift fishing old school, but effective

There are many types ways to present bait to a fish. You can cast, troll, jig and even fly fish. All have a place and time they work very well. One style of fishing that is nearly a lost art is drift fishing.

Drift fishing is nothing new. It has been used by crappie fisherman for a long time and is similar to trolling, with a few distinctive differences. In trolling you use a trolling motor or the boat motor to move the boat at a controlled speed to allow usually several rods with different lures or baits running at different depths to follow behind the boat. This is a very good way to cover a lot of water and present several different baits to several types of fish at one time and doing it pretty quickly.

I have done speed trolling using the big boat motor running at around two miles per hour for musky on lakes like Cave Run Lake in the summer with baits that run right behind the prop wash of the big motor. I have also trolled with a trolling motor as slow as it would run fishing very deep for crappie and bass in the summer. This can be a very high percentage way to fish.

In drift fishing you are just letting the wind and the water current move you along at a more natural pace and speed. By drift fishing instead of trolling you can fish with more rods and for more types of fish. You probably have seen some crappie fisherman out on a boat with a whole bunch of rods out at one time. He is drift fishing.

If you are wondering what drift fishing is exactly, it is not just throwing out a bunch of baits anywhere. First you have to decide on an area like a long bank or to follow a channel and then tell which way the wind or water current is moving and start with your boat above the area you want to fish and let the wind or current move you along. The only thing you need the trolling motor for is to keep the boat straight or over the cover or channel.

Once you are ready to start putting out several rods at all different depths with live bait and lures if you want, space the rods out and watch them closely. The thing I love about fishing like this is that you have the opportunity to catch more than one type of fish and to catch several fish. This is a type of fishing that takes some doing to get used to, but when you do it will be one of your favorites.

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