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Gabby’s fishing fever

Georgia fishing trip is worth effort

Greg “Gabby” Caudill displays a catch from a 20-acre Georgia lake.

Greg “Gabby” Caudill displays a catch from a 20-acre Georgia lake.

On a recent trip to Georgia, I got to do some good fishing in a small lake of around 20 acres or so. I have fished this lake several times over the past couple years and have always done pretty good.

This lake like most southern lakes has some good bass fishing. Bass over 10 pounds have been caught out of this lake over the many years. There are several species of fish in this lake from largemouth bass to big crappie, bluegill, catfish, carp and trout. I have caught several bass weighing more than three pounds in this lake.

On this trip we did well on bass using rattling crank baits like the fat-free shad and the model A bomber. These are two of my favorite crank baits and have been very good to me over the years. We caught several nice bluegill on this trip. It poured the rain all the way down here and rained all the first night after we got here, then it turned out real nice and it was not too hot. We got to do some early bass fishing and then some bluegill fishing later in the day.

The lakes in the southern part of the country have a longer warming season and the fish stay active longer than in some lakes. Most of the lakes have a stained color to them, which makes the fish less spooked and more likely to move to more shallow water to feed. This makes the fishing good most of the time.

Spinner baits also work good for bass here, and a good old worm is good for everything that swims. If you ever get the chance to travel down south to Georgia, try to fish some of its many lakes.

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