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Gabby’s fishing fever

When the conditions demand a jig

The weather this summer has been very up and down. One day it is pouring the rain and humid and the next it is so hot you cannot stand to be outside. This type of weather pattern can greatly affect the feeding habits of largemouth bass.

When the shallow water areas are very warm, the oxygen levels will be low and bass will not stay in these areas much and will move to deeper cooler water. They will usually hold around some type of cover like wood, rocks weeds or some type of sudden depth change. They will use these areas until the water cools in the fall.

When the bass are holding in these types of deeper water areas and are holding close to or on heavy cover there is a bait that works very well. This bait is called a jig. A jig is one of the best baits you can fish when you want a slower presentation and to work slowly through heavy thick cover. The jig is just right to work into heavy cover and be weed-less or not to hang up much.

When fishing with a jig, look for cover and slowly work your bait from the outside edges of the cover toward the center. This is a good way to catch the active feeding bass that are holding on the outside edges of the cover. Fish smaller hair jigs like the 1/4 or 3/8 oz. or the rubber jigs with a small trailer. This is also a big bass lure, so you never know what you might hook into. Use line in the 12- to 20-pound test range and use a longer rod with plenty of back bone to help pull a bass out of heavy cover. I like to use the darker colors and the crawdad-colored, jigs but you can try different ones to see what works best for you.

Jig fishing is about finding a good piece of cover and slowly working all the good-looking areas in the cover. This type of fishing is not for impatient fishermen, but if you take the time to fish it right the reward can be great.

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