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Partly sunny

Gabby’s fishing fever

Mild weather improves fishing

The humid weather appears to have moved on and is being replaced by the milder weather that we are having now. This is a big relief for most of us and also helps out the fishing.

During the burning hot days, most of the fish become stressed by the high water temperatures and low oxygen levels in the shallow water and will move deeper to cooler water, becoming most active at night and in low light conditions. However, with the weather cooling down some and the humidity lower, largemouth bass, crappie, bluegill and walleye are slowly becoming more active during the milder parts of the day.

The best time to fish for bass is still at night, but as the weather continues to cool the action will last longer. Look for active bass at night close to deeper banks or anywhere there is a channel or sudden depth change close to a bank. Spots like these are magnets to active bass. Having deep water close by gives bass an escape route if they feel threatened. All sorts of baits work to catch bass in these areas, including rattling crank baits or big Colorado blade spinner baits. These baits give off sound and vibrations that feeding bass will use to locate the bait at night. Plastic worms or jigs are great baits to fish in cover and in deeper water. Bass will blow up on top waters and buzz baits, making for some exciting fishing.

Crappie will use wood cover on most lakes at night and will hold in around four to eight feet of water. Fish minnows or small tube baits or curly tail grubs on light line for the best action. Change colors and depths to find the most active crappie. This is just the long beginning of a cooling down season leading up to the best fall fishing of the year on most lakes, so get out and get in on some of the action.

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