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How to fish ponds

Pond fishing is one of the most fun and relaxing ways to fish – and it can be one of the most productive ways to fish. A lot of fisherman have caught the biggest bass or bluegill of their lives in ponds.

Ponds that produce good fish on a regular basis need to have a few things. One thing is a fresh supply of water coming into the pond. This brings in oxygen produced by the current. And when a fish lives in water that has a healthy oxygen level, the fish will be more active and feed more. This then produces bigger fish and better fishing.

A productive pond needs different types of cover in it such as wood, rocks, and weeds. Also important is the actual form of the pond, such as points or deep banks. A good pond will have deep water areas and shallow areas. A good pond will have a good food supply such as minnows small bluegill, crawdads and lizards.

One thing that will hurt a pond worse than anything, especially a small pond, is to let it get taken over by a large number of runtsize fish. This happens when the number of fish in a pond, usually bluegill, outnumbers the food supply the pond can produce. I have heard of this happening to farm ponds. Sometimes the only way to fix this is to drain the pond and refill it and restock it.

This is where the Fish and Wildlife Department can help. If you are considering doing this with your pond, then give them a call. They have programs that will help you better manage your ponds. You can also manage catch and release on your pond to keep the right balance.

As for fishing in ponds, as I said it can be very productive in the right ponds at the right times. Some ponds are known for good bass, bluegill or catfish. I have done good bass fishing with soft plastics like worms, flukes, and grubs. The natural colors like pumpkin seed or black seems to work well. Also topwaters can be deadly when fished early, late and on cloudy overcast days or when the water has some darker color to it.

As for the bluegill, it is hard to beat a piece of live worm. You can use crickets, minnows, meal worms or a red worm works very well. The bluegill can reach very large sizes in the right ponds They are one of my favorite fish to catch.

Then there is the old catfish. Many a big fish tale has been told about the giant catfish that lives in just about every older pond around. These stories have been handed down from one generation to the next – and every word of these tales is the gospel truth. If you don’t think they are, just ask any old catfisherman. They will set you straight on the facts of the story. Most catfisherman like to use nightcrawlers, chicken livers or shrimp.

Ponds are a great way to just relax with friends and family and enjoy the style of fishing so many of us grew up on. Give this type of fishing a try. You might just wind up with a fish of a lifetime and memories that will last you a lifetime.

If you have any type of fishing question, a picture, or just a good fishing tale, send it to gabbysfishingfever@yahoo.com.

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