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Gabby’s fishing fever

Trip to Carr Creek Lake paid off

On a recent fishing trip to Carr Creek Lake I got into some of the best fishing I have had in a while.

I got to the lake about 8:30 a.m. and started fishing close to the bank around some visible wood cover with worms for bluegill. I caught a few small bluegills and a small bass before the sun started really getting up and the temperatures got very warm. When the action started to really get slow I decided to try to fish some deeper cover and found some brush piles in around 20 to 25 feet of water. This turned out to be a good decision.

I started out by using a small hook and light line on a light action rod and reel. I used a piece of a night crawler and set my floater at around 20 feet deep. I used a small sinker about two feet above my hook. This lets the bait get down deeper faster and gives the floater a little more action. The deeper fish were much larger, too. As soon as I put my bait in the water and it went all the way down and the floater stood up, it was not long before the action started. The bobber went down and I set the hook on a real nice bluegill. As the day went on, I fished all the way around the brush pile and caught around 20 nice bluegills and a few decent bass.

This was for sure a good fishing trip. When it is hot and humid out like it has been this week, look for deep areas with some type of cover. The fish will use these areas to hold until the water cools off some.

I think using a floater gives you a big advantage in this type of fishing, because it lets you keep your bait at a certain level and in a controlled area as long as you want it to be there. It also gives you something to see the bite and tell you when to set the hook. Give this type of deeper water fishing a try until it cools down some.

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