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Gabby’s fishing fever

Cooler weather is helping the bass fishing a lot, as the fish are becoming more active and moving to more shallow waters to feed — a basic early fall bass fishing pattern.

The cooler the temperatures get in the next few weeks the better the fishing should get also. When bass are feeding shallow and close to the bank, a top water or jerk-style bait will work well. Rattle trapstyle baits also work well when bass are feeding on shad close to the surface or around shallow cover. When you see bass feeding close to the surface or in shallow water areas, fish a top water or buzz baits, which can draw explosive top water strikes.

Anywhere you see feeding activity, try to fish in and around it. If the action slows or stops on the surface then switch to a deeper bait like a small worm or jig. Fish these around cover if you can, or on a bank with a steady drop into deeper water. All of these areas are good during this time of year for bass.

This is very early fall, but all the reports I have been receiving tell of good action on many lakes. Get out and start your early fall fishing soon.

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