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Gabby’s fishing fever

Get your crank baits out now for bass

This is a good time to be on the water and to fish a crank bait.

The bass are following the shad and are feeding on them to get ready for winter. The crank bait looks and acts just like a shad or bait fish. This makes the crank bait one of the best lures to use right now.

The crank bait resembles and acts just like a shad. It comes in many shapes and colors. The crank bait is put in three different depths — shallow, medium, and deep diving. Ninety percent of the time now you will only use the shallow and medium running baits because the bass are shallow.

Look for areas close to the bank and look for any type of surface action like shad breaking the surface. This is a sign of active feeding bass. Cast your bait out past the action and work it back with some action. This is a good way to catch several bass on few casts.

A long rod with a limber tip works well to give the lure a whipping action when casting and helps make longer casts. Several rod companies make special rods just for crank baits. Light line in the 8- to 12-pound test range works well.

This time of year some of the best colors are shad and crawdad colors. These seem to work well.

There are several lures that will catch fall bass, but crank baits are among the best.

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