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Don’t let falling lakes get you down

This is the time of year that most lakes are dropping the water levels to winter pool. This hurts the fishing on most lakes because the rapid changing water levels spook the fish and causes them to move away from the banks and shallow water. This in turn causes fish like bass to become less active and not feed as much.

When the water levels fall the fishing becomes tough and you must change your approach and style of fishing to have a chance to succeed. There are three main things you need to do. One, slow way down on your presentation. Two, use smaller natural colored baits. Three, back off the bank and fish the next major structure and cover.

Doing all these things will help to get you on fish better than if you beat the banks to death. Even if you find fish near the banks the bite will be slow at best. Once you find a spot you want to fish, use smaller slower baits on light line and fish slower and tight to cover. Baits like crank baits and slow rolled spinner baits will catch the most active fish. Slower baits like a jig or soft plastics like grubs and tube baits fished tight to cover also work well.

I have had many reports about from several lakes in Kentucky and Tennessee, and all of them list dropping water and a water temperature in the 68-degree range — and tough fishing on most lakes. But do not let this get you down, because as the lakes settle at winter pool the fishing will get good again and the rest of the fall season should be better.

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