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Want to catch big bass? Fish with a jig

If I had to pick one bait with which to catch bass this time of year, I would choose a jig.

There are several other baits that will catch bass during autumn. A crank bait can find bass quickly and lure active bass. Top waters and buzz baits will draw explosive strikes on the surface during this time of year, and spinner baits worked along the bank will catch feeding bass.

Soft plastic baits such as grubs and tube baits worked on steep rocky banks and around cover can produce good catches of nice bass. However, the one bait that can always be used in some way or another to catch bass in almost any condition is a jig. Some anglers refer to the jig as “Old Faithful.”

The jig will always be one of the “go-to” baits for me. The jig has always had a reputation as a big bass bait, mostly because of the presentation. What I mean is that you want to fish a jig close to and tight to cover. This is where big bass live, so this is a great time for the bass angler to hook into a good-size bass. Right now the water temps are around 65 to 63 on most lakes, prime time to fish a jig, and it will get much better as the water cools on down into the low 50’s.

Two basic jigs get the most use — the rubber jig and the hair jig. Most anglers will tell you to fish the rubber jig as long as the water temperatures are above or around the 50-plus range. The hair jig also works well in water in the 50’s range. I have done a lot of bass fishing with both types of jigs in all types of water at all temperatures during the year. I have been able to catch bass on both simply by making small changes to the style and size of the trailer and to the size of the jig itself.

Jig fishing is not for everyone. It is a style of fishing that requires focus and the ability to fish one area for a while. However, the payoff can be huge.

Give fall jig fishing a try. You just might catch the bass of a lifetime.

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