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Gabby’s fishing fever

Some spots seem to always hold fish

Most anglers have heard a good fishing spot referred to as a “honey hole.”

This is a spot where good fish can be caught on a regular basis, but these types of places do not just come out of nowhere. Several things must be in place for just any old spot to be considered as a honey hole.

Some of these spots can reach legendary status. While some anglers believe there are spots on lakes that only they know about, the truth is that there are definitely things about one spot that makes it much better than another.

One of the biggest factors determining whether a spot is a honey hole is location. This is a big deal and very important. When the water is all the way up there are several good spots, but when the water is drawn back down to winter pool and these backwater areas dry up, the fish will move to main lake areas to hold. This makes the main lake areas more dependable most of the year.

Also, if a spot has a creek or river channel close to it, this makes it much better. A prime example is a steep, sloping bank that drops off into a channel that hugs or hits the bank at that spot. The reason fish like this type of bank is because they can move up and down a short distance and move from deeper to shallow water if they feel threatened.

Just as much as deeper water close by is important for a fish’s safety, also important is shallow water to feed. Spots with large shallow flats close by are very desirable to most fish during most of the year. Things like good cover and structure are very important.

Also, a good source of food close by will hold most fish in an area. When you find all these things in one spot, you will have most likely found a honey hole. Some anglers that really know spots like this will share them with very few anglers and some will take them to the grave.

It seems the deeper out-of-theway spots are the best on most lakes, but take the time to look for your own honey hole.

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